Innova was established with its eyes focused on the stars.

In 1989, three local SMEs joined together to create a project destined for the space sector. The goal consists of going high enough to be able to turn round and look at our planet from a new perspective, and thus study Earth Observation.

The company initially concentrated on processing satellite images that were acquired using Synthetic Aperture Radar and used for military and civil purposes for territory control activities.

Over the years, Innova extended its horizons, developing services and applications for info-mobility, using satellite navigation systems (GPS) in particular.

Integration with other technologies, such as RFID and Mobile App, allow the company to specialise in sectors such as:

  • Logistics and public and private transport;

  • integrated management of the waste collection cycle;

  • research and development of innovative solutions for making cities smarter.

Today Innova is an important technological centre that exports its expertise in Italy and Europe, providing ideas and innovation for associations and citizens.
And it continues to do so with ambition and determination, always aiming to achieve ever higher goals.


ISO 9001:2015
Sistema di gestione qualità

ISO 27001:2013
Sistema di gestione per la Sicurezza delle Informazioni

ISO 22301:2012
Sistema di gestione per la Continuità Operativa


Founded in 1985, HSH Informatica & Cultura S.r.l. operates in the realm of consultancy, training and information technology assistance services, as well as in the supply of information systems for public and private organisations in the following fields of application: erp, cad, sit/gis, web applications, structural calculation, management and security of data transmission networks. The continuous evolution of information technology places the company in the condition of constantly updating its own wealth of knowledge in order to be able to know how to face the market challenges and always have more innovative solutions to offer to its clients.

The EDP Cooperative La Traccia is a company that operates nationally in the ICT sector with particular reference to the creation of information systems for the health sector and the public administration. Founded in Matera in 1980, it has invested time, professionalism and resources in market niches that, with the passage of time, have been the springboard to new goals. The company’s registered office is located in the ancient quarters of the cities of Matera: the Sassi, within a wonderful and suggestive scenario: it is the image of a society projected towards the future, but with deep roots in the past.

Lucana Sistemi S.r.l. born from the long experience of a group of professionals who have been working in the ICT sector for several years. Founded in Matera in 1980, it offers itself as a qualified company in consulting, design, implementation and implementation of IT projects related to technological infrastructure and the integration of systems and technologies; providing resources, experience, enthusiasm, and technical and commercial know-how.

The synergy between GREENEXT and INNOVA Srl, two companies that work daily with hundreds of customers throughout Italy, to achieve the Digital Transformation of Waste. GREENEXT Technologies Spa, the newco of Viasat Group, born at the end of 2021, enters the share capital of Matera INNOVA Srl, to give a strong push to the market on the issues of measurement, separate collection, punctual tariff, relations with the citizens and ARERA obligations.


INNOVA is one of the founders and a partner of CREATEC which in turn is a partner of TeRN , it is also a part of AIPAS, EARSC, and Fondazione Operate.