From Matera to space, INNOVA the protagonist at “Berlino SPIE Remote Sensing 2018”

New algorithms for ultra high resolution systems for “COSMO-SkyMed” satellites. INNOVA, the high tech company based in Matera, will be presenting them in Berlin in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency and Telespazio S.p.A
Matera, 10 September 2018 – “SPIE Remote Sensing 2018”, the event taking place in Berlin from 10 to 13 September is one of the most important appointments worldwide, reserved for researchers, companies, national and international agencies, that are active in the field of remote monitoring. It is a time for comparison, sharing and presentation of new scientific works,developed in the space sector and earth observation, operated by satellites.

During the four days of the conference, “INNOVA”, the company based in Matera, in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency and Telespazio S.p.A., will present a scientific poster entitled: “COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation – SAR image focusing of Spotlight data for civilian users”. In particular, on the afternoon of 12 September, the experts from the company based in Matera will be available for conference attendees to ask them questions about the work. The presentation is part of the “COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation” program, that sees “INNOVA” involved as the software supplier for Telespazio spa. Research dedicated to the civil use of satellite data carried out by experts and researchers from “INNOVA’s “Earth Observation” group.

“Through our poster, we aim to demonstrate the important points from results that were achieved in focusing on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data, in spotlight mode for high and ultra high resolution. We will highlight the evolutions of algorithms used that can manage the technological challenges set by the advanced characteristics of the SAR sensor, that will be used in new COSMO-SkyMed satellites – explained Andrea di Pasquale, CEO at “INNOVA” – Research and innovation are strategic assets in our company. They guarantee a constant return on expertise, which are then transformed into new products for the public.”

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