(POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020)


Sigma Consulting Srl and the other companies of the Project, Info Solution Spa, Wave Srl, Innova Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica Srl, Blue Thread Srl, presented the Project “ATEN IS TO THE WORLD” with the aim of expanding their presence in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • USA

The main objectives intended for this Project are:

The main objectives intended for this Project are:

  • To consolidate the international activities
  • To systematize the way companies, collaborate to target new international markets.

These goals have been achieved through the following actions:

  • Reinforcing the Marketing Division of the ATEN IS Group in order to coordinate the international activities with a network of external consultants
  • Creating an updated catalogue of integrated products and services offered by the group
  • Defining commercial and marketing strategies to promote the Companies and their solutions internationally
  • Realizing devised Web Marketing strategies
  • Strengthening alliances with local partners and stakeholders: main contractors, institutions, municipalities, universities and research institutes
  • Participating in trade shows and B2B meeting
  • Obtaining certifications required to operate and export to target countries
  • Boosting new partnerships and projects
  • Targeting new markets.

Finally, the Project also aims to supplement expansion into international markets with Innovation; The international technological and commercial demand can be the drive of new partnerships for the development of new solutions.

ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project is part of a framework of cooperation with Tecnopolo spa.

ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project represents the continuation of ATEN IS INTERNATIONAL, a Project co-funded by the Lazio Region to support international projects realized by associated SMEs located in the Lazio Region. The Project, realized in 2016, targeted the following Countries: Canada, USA and Brazil.

The ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project has been developed through the following timeline:

  • WP1. Project management
  • WP2. Organization of an international marketing unit
  • WP3. Assessment of the companies’ catalogues and Development of commercial and marketing strategies
  • WP4. Communication and marketing actions
  • WP5. Trade shows and b2b meetings
  • WP6. Certifications and Legal and financial advice
  • WP7. Final event at Tecnopolo Tiburtino

The ATEN IS TO THE WORLD Project has achieved the intended objectives, and in particular:

  • After catalogue assessment and the definition of a commercial strategy, specific opportunities have been selected in accordance with the international demand. A targeted marketing campaign has been promoted.
  • Once specific opportunities have been defined and the business model has been adopted, potential customers, partners and relevant stakeholders were identified for both the commercialization of the single and integrated products and services, and for the development of joint projects.
  • The companies, stakeholders and foreign institutions that had been previously identified were invited to the event organized at Tecnopolo Tiburtino in Rome, in order to strengthen the ongoing commercial relations. The event represents an opportunity to get to know the Companies involved in the Project and the ATEN IS Group.