Earth Observation

Cosmo Sky-Med is a dual programme promoted by the Italian Space Agency and the Ministry of Defence.

It represents the largest Italian investment in the Earth Observation sector and constitutes a cutting-edge realisation at a global level.

The COSMO-SkyMed system includes a Space Segment and an Earth Segment

The Space Segment comprises a constellation of 4 satellites equipped with high-resolution SAR (synthetic aperture radar) sensors operating in band X and equipped with a data acquisition and transmission system that is highly flexible and innovative.

The Earth Segment comprises infrastructures for managing and controlling the entire constellation and for receiving, archiving, processing and distributing products.

COSMO-SkyMed provides global coverage of our planet, operating in any weather and lighting conditions (day/night) and provides high spatial resolution, geolocated images with rapid response times.

It was created as a multi-mission system capable of integrating with other space systems in order to meet the needs of a vast community of users. It works in any of the three following modes:

  • Routine: nominal operating mode in which planning is carried out every 24 hours.

  • Crisis: operating mode in which planning is carried out every 12 hours. This mode allows to define areas where all recovery requests have absolute priority.

  • Emergency: asynchronous operating mode activated in exceptional circumstances in order to obtain an acquisition in shortest possible time.

INNOVA has been constantly involved in this program, unlike the first-generation program, as a partner for the development of focusing processors for high and ultra high resolution data.


The second generation of the COSMO-Skymed programme, COSMO 2nd Generation includes 2 cutting-edge satellites, both in terms of technology and performance. The system must guarantee continuity of services provided by the First Generation COSMO-SkyMed constellation, currently fully operational.
The development of the Second Generation of COSMO-SkyMed will ensure a generation leap for the system in terms of technology, performance and operational life while Italian world leadership in the Earth Observation sector will thus be strengthened.
Also at part of this programme, INNOVA has been continuously involved, unlike the first-generation programme, as a partner for the development of focus processors for high and very high resolution data.


INNOVA is one of the founders and a partner of CREATEC which in turn is a partner of TeRN, It is also a part of AIPAS, EARSC, and PAYT Italia.